May 7, 2014


While the world is focused on Beijing’s music indie scene, there is a whole new scene forming in Chengdu, perhaps soon to overtake Beijing to become another center for music. People in Chengdu are generally open to a wide range of music and have a lot more freedom to create different things. One of the greatest ones to come out of that new creativity, are a 5-piece indie rock group STOLEN who are now on their second national ‘Stealing Our Lenses’ tour, promoting their new EP Demos in eight cities around the country. The word in the underground scene of China is that ‘Stolen’ is the band not to be missed live.

The lead singer of the band Liang Yi (lead vocals) takes his influence from old rock and blues but also the Chinese band called Muma, which led him to discovering of Joy Division and The Cure. Though the band's only been together for a couple of years, you can hear a pretty clear progression in their style when listening back on their old demos.  The songs on Stolen's 2014 demos EP are weirder and more electronic, featuring programmed beats alongside the live drums. What makes them even more interesting is the fact that the singer Lian Yi has quite a special voice that makes it pleasant to listen to.  Stealing Our Lenses tour sends a great message as well.  It’s all about not forgetting to see the real world…Too many people go to gigs and see the concert only through their screens, they lose the sense of perspective while they should feel the show, the music and the atmosphere. Stolen is trying to bring back the real concert feeling and they are very good with it. 


Hear them on bandcamp :

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